Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yep, that's me.

1. I am allergic to pineapple. Weird, I know. And I don’t mean allergic “it makes my mouth feel funny” – I mean “if you give me something with pineapple juice, please have the epi pen ready” allergic.

2. I am an oldest child – my sisters are 2 years and 4 years younger than me.

3. Because he only had daughters, my dad would probably do almost anything for a grandson.

4. I enjoy spending time with my extended family. Well, with my dad’s side anyway. My mother’s side has a few people who make me want to move to Siberia get a new family give me endless opportunities to practice being kind and patient.

5. I am the happiest person that I know.

6. Sometimes it takes work to be happy.

7. I think that sometimes it takes work to be happy is a very important lesson. It is also sometimes a hard thing to learn.

8. I don’t like to be cold (and I am cold all the time) but I love snow. I think it is the most peaceful thing on earth.

9. I know things without being told. I don’t know how – I just do.

10. Me knowing things without being told can sometimes be rather unnerving to other people. Sometimes to me too.

11. I am a total TV junkie.

12. I love Tivo – and I remember what I did without it. But I am quite sure that the discovery of Tivo has contributed to fact #5.

13. Going back to school was one of the scariest decisions I ever made. Before I decided to go back, I only mentioned it to one person. Even after I went back, it took me a while to tell people.

14. Going back to school has been harder and better than I thought it would be. Sometimes the work sucks, but I actually like to learn. This makes me a nerd.

15. I have an insane memory – especially for details. Names, birthdays, hobbies, places, favorites, or anything else that seems completely random is stuck forever in my brain.

16. This is not to say that on some occasions I am not a total space case. Because sometimes I am a TOTAL space case.

17. I am a little afraid that there aren’t 100 things about me period – interesting or otherwise.

18. Adventures In Babysitting is one of my favorite movies. I have to watch it if I see that it is on TV.

19. I love buying gifts for people.

20. I also love wrapping gifts. With bows…the perfect wrapping job is not complete without a bow.

21. I am creative, but not artistic. I think that there is a very large difference between the two.

22. When everyone says that it doesn’t matter what other people think, I just stay quiet…because inside my head I am silently screaming “Yes it does! It matters a lot what other people think!” It might not matter to anyone else, but it matters to me.

23. I am crazy organized…and I love it.

24. Sometimes I am a little over zealous and I try to make other people organized like me. This isn’t very nice of me.

25. I didn’t decide to go back to school and not be a nurse because I hate nursing. I think that nursing is wonderful, it just isn’t what I want for me.

26. My sisters are each very much like my parents. I sometimes secretly wonder if they had other kids after me because they knew that I wasn’t like them and they wanted kids who were.

27. I realize that #26 sounds crazy. But it’s still true.

28. I completely lack the ability to say no. I am a yes girl.

29. I love candles. Having candles makes me feel happy, because it is a nice little thing that I do just for me – I think that they are pretty to look at, and I love ones that smell good.

30. I love to vacuum.

31. Since I have been an adult, I have developed horrible insomnia. I almost never sleep through the night. I wake up by 5:30 am regardless of the time that I go to bed.

32. I have gotten used to having precious little sleep, although there are the rare nights that I actually get several consecutive hours. After those nights I feel AMAZING!

33. This list is taking a lot longer to write than I thought it would.

34. I think that #33 is sort of a cop out, so now I will give TWO things to make up for it.

a. I love the color red.

b. I don’t understand why people have things (candles, plates, glasses, whatever) that they NEVER use. I understand that you might want to save things for something special, which I think is great, but I think it is tragic that people get so caught up in that thought that they never get to enjoy their nice things. Because in the end, they are just THINGS.

35. I enjoy having nice things, but I am extremely cheap thrifty resourceful, and almost never spend a lot of money on things.

36. I love to cook. I am also good at it, but this is not the reason that I love to cook. Well, not the only reason.

37. I used to bite my nails.

38. When I get stressed out about things, I returned to bad habit #37 without realizing it.

39. I HATE to be late. The thought of not being somewhere on time makes me crazy.

40. I love to people watch.

41. Sometimes when I watch people I make up little stories for them in my head like where they are going or what they are doing.

42. I feel compelled to sing along to songs on the radio, even if I don’t know all the words.

43. I love to make lists. More than that, I love the feeling of checking something off of a list when I finish it.

44. I think that Caller ID is one of the greatest inventions ever. I will admit it: I screen my calls.

45. I always wear perfume or a scent of some kind.

46. I know that a lot of the things that are important to me are important to me because they were not important to my mother.

47. I am totally aware that #46 makes me extremely passive aggressive. Case in point: I always thought it would be nice if she sent out Christmas cards, and she almost never did. I not only send them to lots of people, but I hand make all of my cards…and love it.

48. If you had told me at 16 what my life would be like in 10 years, I never would have believed you.

49. It might not be what I expected, but I love my life.

50. I make my bed as soon as I get out of it every day almost every day.

51. Sometimes at night I have a very over-active imagination and can easily convince myself that the slightest noise is someone coming after me.

52. I am very social, but I hate to be the center of attention. It makes me very uncomfortable.

53. I am very bad at taking compliments. Very, very bad.

54. I worry that #53 makes me seem ungracious, when this is not at all the case. The case is really just that I am a big dumb idiot who doesn’t know how to take a compliment.

55. I don’t want to look like a slob, but I am quite sure that I do more often than I don’t. This makes me sad.

56. You will almost never see me leave the house without at least a little bit of make-up, unless I’m going to the gym. This is not because I am crazy, simply because I feel better about myself with a little make-up on because I think I look better. I don’t care if anyone else thinks so or not.
57. I love photography.

58. I have finally figured out that a cell phone is for my convenience and safety, so if it isn’t convenient for me to answer it, I don’t.

59. Sometimes (although not always) talking to people that I don’t know makes me uncomfortable.

60. The previews are my favorite part of going to the movies.

61. I can count on one hand the number of times in the last year that I have been to the movies.

62. I wish I were smarter.

63. I am terrible at lying, but I could probably be hired by the CIA as a human lie detector. Apparently being bad at lying makes me really good at knowing when others are lying.

64. I have a complete and utter phobia of the dentist. I can’t even talk about the dentist (or hear about one) for more than 30 seconds without flipping right the %$(*$ heck out.

65. I am a talker. Seriously. I can talk about anything, to anyone. I don’t necessarily consider this a positive trait.

66. I embarrass easily. VERY easily. And this is no looking down at the floor type of embarrassment – this is turning BRIGHT RED embarrassment. Good times. Because nothing helps embarrassment more than when people notice that you are fire engine red and then stare at you more.

67. I have a high tolerance for alcohol…a very high tolerance for alcohol.

68. I tend to hold my liquor well.

69. Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I love sending them and getting them and displaying them.

70. I used to go to Girl Scout Camp with my childhood best friend for a week or two every summer. I loved it. You would now probably have to pay me to camp.

71. I look very little like the rest of my family. I used to wonder if I was switched at birth. I have decided that this is unlikely. But if it were true, I wouldn’t be totally shocked to find out.

72. I rarely cry. When I was younger I used to cry at everything – movies, books, etc. Now it takes a lot for me to shed a tear…a whole lot. And even then, it's more often out of anger than anything else.

73. I am good at reading people. I can pick up on numerous subtle/unsaid things. And I don’t forget them. (see #15)

74. I am convinced that every detail in life ends up having a large impact at some point down the road. See The Butterfly Effect…it’s like that.

75. Sometimes I daydream about how the small decisions I made that day will make a big difference later on.

76. I tend to censor things and put a lot of thought into things that I say to people who are close to me. Not because I don’t want to tell them the truth, but because I want to be sure that they hear it the way that I mean it.

77. I am much better at making someone know what I mean when I write instead of talk. I get emotional and off track when I talk. When I write things down I have the option to delete things.
78. I am a big fan of email as a communication. (See #77)

79. My mother used to tell me that I shouldn’t live alone because if I were abducted or murdered it would take days before someone would notice. I told her that this was highly unlikely….but it did make me wonder how long it would take.

80. I have very eclectic musical taste. And I highly enjoy classical music.

81. My family got their first computer when I was about 6. We were the only people that I knew who had a computer, and we used to play the Oregon Trail from a big floppy disk. I'm pretty sure if you went and looked, this very computer and floppy disk could still be found in my parents' basement.

82. Everyone has heartbreak. I have been the one to be heartbroken and the one to break someone else’s. The latter was much, much harder.

83. I am fanatical about correct spelling and grammar.

84. I love to read.

85. I am excellent at staying in touch with people, even if it is sporadic. I think that there is no better way to make someone feel important than to send an unexpected card or email saying ‘hi, I was just thinking of you.’

86. I love making new year’s resolutions. And because I want to make sure that I keep some, I tend to make several resolutions, with the thought that at least one will be realized.

87. Last year I made 2 pages worth of resolutions. And kept over half.

88. Contrary to what you might think based on #65, I am fairly private. There are some things that I don’t talk about. Although I won’t lie about them when asked.

89. People who say that they don’t have enough time make me crazy. Everyone has the same amount of hours in the day. Prioritize and do what you need to do.

90. I love getting mail.

91. When I first got an apartment, they informed me of the complex’s pet policy. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want a pet. I now have a dog and a cat. And fish. And I love them all. Well, I don’t really love the fish, but I do like to see them in the tank. I think that counts for something.

92. I have pictures all over, of all different people and places. I smile every time I look at them.

93. I am a fastidious calendar keeper. I never make plans without checking my calendar, and the second I do make an appointment to do something, it gets written down. I carry my calendar with me everywhere…I love my PDA.

94. Emptying the dishwasher is one of my least favorite household chores.

95. I have a tattoo.

96. I love to scrapbook.

97. My handwriting is impeccable.

98. I am incapable of doing only one thing at a time.

99. I hate to have my feet touched, but I love getting pedicures.

100. New Year’s Eve is my least favorite holiday of the year.

And there you have it. 100 scintillating facts about me. Try not to get too excited.